raw coconut cut in half with pieces around it


While we have all heard and seen the amazing benefits of coconut oil, can we just pause and talk about its lover coconut milk?! While Coconut milk doesn't just taste amazing, it is absolutely a God-send to you and your skin. Extra nourishing and packed with vitamins, coconut milk helps keep skin smooth and super hydrated. When you just want to feel like royalty or just need to unwind after a long tense day, draw a hot bath and use our Restore Coconut Milk bath soak. 

This truly natural luxurious bath soaking experience is crafted with ultra-hydrating powdered coconut milk; rose and calendula petals packed with antioxidants and vitamin c; and a blend of essential oils and vitamin e. 

Now maybe your face is feeling a little dry. Try our Rose Clay Dry Mask. Instead of just clays, we blend it with organic coconut milk, making it a amazing hydrating facial mask experience. 

If you know how great coconut water is for you, imagine the core milk part of the coconut! It will really make you go coco-NUT  for it:)