One of the most asked questions we get at Terra is: How did you come up with the name...

As many know, Terra Beauty Products is the 'love' child of three sisters, born and raised in South Florida, USA. While we absolutely love our American roots (our eldest sister even served in the US Army!), we are also proud of our Brazilian and Italian ancestry and our Christian faith. We believe that God created the Earth and gifted it to us to be fruitful and light unto others. That means we should take care of it, like we would take care of a child. The Earth is a beautiful oasis and should be treated with love and respect. The word Terra in Portuguese (our native tongue in Brazil) and Italian, means Earth. We wanted our name to convey our belief and love for all things natural and also demonstrate that we craft natural beauty from Earth based ingredients. Natural beauty products, from earth to you.


Terra Beauty Bars 

January 06, 2018 — Fernanda Gomes