Terra hygienic Stainless Steel Flat Edge Nail Clipper (small)

$ 7.00

The Terra Stainless Steel Flat Edge Nail Clipper will help keep fingernails precisely trimmed. A durable, professional stainless steel material that is hygienic and long lasting, this clipper easy clips the toughest of nails.

How to use: Lift and rotate top lever. Carefully place fingernails or toenails in-between flat edge blades and trim to desired length (starting at corners and clipping toward center). Finish at clipping at center of nail to prevent nail splitting. It is recommended to not over trim and use nail file for final smoothing and shaping. Clean blade after every use and wipe clippers with alcohol wipes for sanitation. Please note that blades are sharp and should be used with caution.

Clean Up & Storing: Clean blades after every use and wipe with alcohol wipe. Caution: Blades are very sharp and should be handled carefully. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.

Dimensions:  2.25" long by 0.30" wide

No outer packaging for product.