Terra GoldPro Slanted Tweezer

$ 28.00

  • The Terra GoldPro Slanted Tweezer is a gold-plated, professional slanted with a  25° hand-filed slanted tip tweezer to give you the perfect brows with minimal effort.
  • Slanted for micro design precision, grip and optimal eyebrow grooming.
  • Made with surgical grade stainless steel and hygienic material.
  • Hand made, durable and crafted for high-definition eyebrow grooming.
  1. Start with a clean surface and opened pores for hair removal. Preparing the area for tweezing with a warm cloth helps eliminate discomfort while allowing for easy removal of hairs.
  2. Grip the Terra GoldPro Slanted Tweezer by center with your thumb and index finger.
  3. Use the 25° angle of the Terra GoldPro Slanted Tweezer tip to firmly grip the base of the hair and, in a gentle yet confident motion, pull it in the same direction of its growth to efficiently remove it from its root. Continue as needed to remove any unwanted hair.


  • Clean tweezer tips (only) after each use with alcohol wipe and dry clean.
  • Do not sharpen or sanitize in an autoclave or barbicide.