Beheld Brow + Fly Away Gel Clear

$ 9.00

Calling all soap brow lovers! Get that laminate, fluffy eye brow look with our Behled Brow + Fly Away Gel. This clear gel comes in a plastic-free tin for easy eyebrow sculpting. Apply as needed. 


  • (1) Beheld Brow + Fly Away Gel Clear - for eyebrow sculpting for a natural, laminated brow effect.
  • (1) Mini spoolie for gel application.

How to use gel:

Beheld Brow + Fly Away Gel

  1. Using the spoolie provided, dip spoolie into the Behled Brow + Fly Eye Away gel, gently patting or in a patting direction to get a small amount of product. 
  2. Brush spoolie through brows, shaping it in upward and outward direction for a lifted brushed look
  3. Use flat end of spoolie to flatten brow and hold in place.
  4. For fly aways, simply brush in direction wanted to hold baby hairs and fly away down.