Approximately five months ago, we welcomed our second baby girl. Mind you, this is a baby after having our first 10 years ago! After we welcomed Olivia into this world something in me changed. I saw first hand how chemicals and preservatives in our daily products can impact the skin. I mean, I already knew this (as a mom I do claim to know everything - just ask my 10-year old Amada), but it became so real as I saw my daughter react to basic household products (like cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc.). That's when it clicked: just like with food, our body adapts to the chemicals around us. We slowly build up a tolerance to them and think nothing off it. It is only when you remove something from your daily routine (whether it be food, beauty regiment and so on) that you see the difference.

This is a natural beauty products website, but let me go deeper. This "idea" of adapting to bad chemicals also applies to how we live our life. Chemicals are not the only toxic things we encounter. You may have adapted to a dangerous relationship, an unfulfilling job, a stereotype or mindset of what others claim about you or just live in an environment that is getting you no where fast! And with your adapting, you just might feel so stuck that you have lost faith.

As a woman, mom, wife, daughter, sister, slight workaholic, girl boss, servant, dreamer, visionary (the list never ends does it), I've lost faith many times. Particularly in crazy dreams or ideas like Terra Beauty Products. But a fire was lit under me and I've learned that to not let it go out you need to fan the heck out of it (and fanning takes work baby)! All you need to light the fire is a spark. A spark is minuscule in comparison to the flame, but it is the most important aspect to getting the flame going. If your reading this and were like me, reevaluate your life. Make a list of what you love, your dreams, goals, what your good at, etc. Start with what is closest to you at this very moment, or as they say "the low hanging fruit". For example: if your a great baker and have been asked to bake cakes, start offering your services to friends and family members for special events. Bake a wicked cake for work and let others see what your amazing at. Then start promoting and selling your services. Don't go crazy all in, without first taking baby steps and testing the water. I am not saying to not give a crazy dream a try; what I am saying is that if you are like me (a person who has a lot going on already), slow and steady wins the race! I've found that conquered small goals, slowly lead to conquered BIG goals. Just know, there is always time to light a fire through a spark.

The vision and goal behind Terra Beauty Bars is to provide natural beauty products to include handmade soap, sugar scrubs, body sprays, natural baby care, natural pet care and so on. There are great things happening at Terra, so please stay tuned!

February 24, 2017 — Fernanda Gomes