Sleep Edition Body + Pillow Mist Collection

Sleep Edition Body + Pillow Mist Collection

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Our Sleep Edition Collection is made up of three 100% truly natural body and pillow mists crafted to either promote sleep, to de-stress and/or inspire intimacy. Made with lavender essential water, witch-hazel and a blend of essential oils you can now own all three, for whatever your mood desires. 

Included in Collection:

1. In your dreams body + pillow mist / notes of lavender, rose + chamomile

2. deStress body + pillow mist / notes of eucalyptus + lemongrass

3. Scentsual body + pillow mist  / notes of ylang ylang + rosewood

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray your pillow each night before you sleep. Breath in mist, relax and re-center. The essential oils provide a soft scent, without an over-powering smell. If used 4 sprtiz a day, you can use each bottle for up to 160 nights. 

Ingredients: Please see individual products for full ingredients list. 

Size: 2 oz. 

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