Coconut Waters

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Coconut Waters Shampoo & Body Bar - Fragrance Free.

Also good as Baby Body Bar.

All Natural Handcrafted Shampoo and Body Bar.

Gently cleanses hair and body while moisturizing and hydrating hair and skin. Fragrance Free.

Made with 100% all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil; Olive Oil; Castor Oil; Cocoa Butter; Shea Butter; Coconut Water; Coconut Milk;  Sodium Hydroxide*; Rose in Jojoba oil.

*Used during the Saponification Process to turn oil into soap. None remains in the finished product. All real soap is made with saponified oils. 

The weight of this soap is 2.8-3.0 oz.

Certified Leaping Bunny Company

Woman + Veteran owned.