Green Beauty Starter Kit

Green Beauty Starter Kit

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Made with truly natural ingredients, entering the green beauty world has never been easier! The Green Beauty Starter Kit provides you with weekly and daily natural skin regiment products that promote healthy, beautiful skin. Your kit includes:

1. Dry mask: Choose between the Rose Clay, Matcha Sea or the Volcanic Ash Dry Mask. These are weekly mask treatments (used once a week only). Each mask will produce up to 15 treatments. Here are the differences:

  • Rose Clay Dry Mask - crafted with coconut milk, rose + white kaolin clay + microfined roses for an ultra nourishing, anti aging hydrating experience. {Dry to Normal Skin}
  • Matcha Sea Clay Dry Mask - crafted with microfined matcha, green tea powder, sea clay + white kaolin clay for an antioxidant, anti acne + firming experience. {Normal to Oily Skin}
  • Volcanic Ash Dry Mask - crafted with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, microfined lavender for a deep clean detox + pore tightening  experience. {Oily to Combo Skin}

2. Balance daily toner mist - Not only is this a refreshing, aloe vera + lavender cooling face mist, but it is also a natural astringent that heals, tightens and balances the pH of your skin. The toner mist is to be used daily. Just spritz, pat your face and go. {All Skin Types}

3. In Your Face / daily face bar - This daily facial wash soap purifies and deep-cleans while moisturizing your face. The essential oil blend of sweet orange elevates + brightens skin, making it a perfect pick-me-up every morning. It is made with light blend of activated charcoal + Brazilian yellow clay, feeding the skin just what it needs to be great. 

*Featured ingredients in kit (based on mask selection): matcha green tea, rose clay, kaolin clay, Sea clay, volcanic ash, activated charcoal, witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender water and essential oils (lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, frankincense).

*For a full list of ingredients, please see individual product in the Facial Care Collection.