Terra Simple Buffer Nail Block

$ 1.00

The Terra Simple Buffer Nail Block is essential to a longer lasting manicure and pedicure. Not only will it gently buff away imperfections and even out edges of your nail plate, the Simple Buffer also helps gently remove excess natural oils and water, allowing for the nail polish to last longer on the nail. The Simple Buffer Nail Block is has a universal fine grit on all sides for gentle buffing of nail.

How to use: Ensure nails are trimmed, filed, washed and 100% completely dry prior to use. On ready nails, gently buff the nail in one direction to remove any imperfections, while evening out edges of your nail plate and also removing excess nail oils and water. This is very imperative for the polish to last longer. Once complete, brush buffed nail particles off with towel and wipe nails with alcohol wipes to ensure nails are ready for polish. This step ensures that oils and any water is removed from nail, helping adhere polish to nails.

Caution: Replace buffer after regular use. Store buffer in dry location and do not get wet. Do not use buffer on wet nails. Do not over buff nails as this may weaken your nails. Keep away from children.

Dimensions:  3.75" long by 1" wide by 1" high

No outer packaging for product.