Frosted Quartz Facial Roller

$ 24.00

Pamper your skin with the Terra Beauty Bar's soothing frosted-quartz roller facial massage that helps depuff and refresh the appearance of skin. Apply to clean skin or with your favorite oil and toner. For an extra cooling experience, keep roller in the refrigerator (never put in freezer) for 10 minutes prior to use. Due to organic nature of natural frosted quartz, each roller will be unique in size and color.

How to use:
  • Forehead - work slowly from center of forehead, up towards hairline.
  • Eyes - gently work under and over eye area.
  • Nose & Lips - sweep upward to forehead, up towards hairline.
  • Cheeks - with wider end, follow contour on cheek all the way to ears.
  • Jaw line - work from center of chin and sweep upward to cheeks.
  • Neck - gently sweep from collarbone up to jawline.
  • Always cleanse with water and a mild soap after each use, drying thoroughly with a cloth.

Made with natural clear quartz. Always read instructions on packaging.